Why I hate UBER

Why I hate uber and why you should not try the uber cab !!!

For the first time when I went to Bangalore I booked uber cab after I got down from the bus at madivala bus stop. And I hated it…

For many many many years or as long as I can remember I was always greeted with hoards of autorickshaw drivers like butchers waiting for fresh lamb, they know that you are tired and just traveled 12-14hrs and that you are dependant on them so they give you the best rates possible which starts at 100rupees per kilometre , then comes the bargaining in a strange language, and after 15mins (12hrs + 15mins) later an autorickshaw driver who is either a distant relative of mother Theresa or who hasn’t been briefed about the art of butchering takes pity on you and agrees to take you for rs.80 per kilometre. ( you are overjoyed because instead of paying regular price of rs.20 per km you are paying JUST rs.80 and he is also teary eyed on the charity work he did )

I missed all this fun when I took the uber on top of reaching on time the uber driver took my luggage and even opened the door for me. What wrong did I do deserve this ?. I missed the part where the autorickshaw driver spits on the road at the signal, I also missed the classic rickshaw move where they do a half U turn and then stops to check if that created an accident behind. And even if it created an accident only a 2yr old baby can match the innocent look on the face of the rickshaw driver.

Just like most Indians I hate change, I hate the fact that I travelled like a royalty and missed out on early morning adventure after a 12hr bus ride.

To make matters worse when I landed in chennai (another time) I got a message saying the uber rate which is rs.8 per km is changed to rs.6  for 4days, that was uncalled for, they should have at least send an email or an sms to me warning about the change in price. That little bit of Tamil I learned from Shivaji movie for bargaining is wasted now.

Now the real reason why I hate uber is because uber is now available in gods own country and in this country ( which many times is a like a country on its own) whenever something new comes up we try to find faults, we try to pull them down. Auto rickshaw drivers and private taxi drivers instead of upgrading their service will be spending more time on thinking how to stop uber or create a strike or how to bring them down. Even our government will try and impose a service tax or additional paper work for uber just to make life a little more difficult because we are not used to change at such a rapid pace.

We, the people of gods own country donot deserve such good service, we are so used to shitty service that I fear we will not be able to accept the change.

This is why I request to all those who haven’t tried uber – please DONOT try it !!!  Let me enjoy it while it lasts.


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