Ponmudi Trek

We started the trek from braemore estate at around 9.30am, and reached ponmudi by around 2.30pm, as expected it was humid and hot except for the occasional breeze, and the welcoming shade of the trees.

Don’t cut down trees, you can’t pay for shade

The trek is of medium difficulty and about 7.7kms to the top, the view from the Ktdc resturant at the ponmudi peak is spectacular and makes up for their tasteless food,

View that Keeps the Resturant in Business

after a trek like this nobody had the energy to complain about the taste. The route is a little bit of an uphill which leads to plenty of water breaks, we didn’t spot any animals but the sound of bear midway through the trek added a bit of spice and spring in our steps. The bear sound was followed by growls coming from our stomach which was unbearable ( 😛 ) , The trek back was short and quick as we cut our way down the hill through the forest instead of the regular trekking path. Our guide skipped and hopped while we slipped and slid our way down.

View on the way down


5kms downhill took us about half the time that we took in the morning. Our sore muscles were in for a treat in the ice cold water at Mankayam waterfall. 

 This is the best it could do in  summer season. Still water was cold and beautiful.

Big thanks to Madhu Thankappan and Raju chettan as well as the whole gang who took the sting out of the trek with their friendly vibe

My Advice

Start the trek early by about 7am so you could reach ponmudi by 11.30am and escape the unforgiving mid afternoon sun, have an early lunch and relax outside at the Ktdc Resturant the view is spectacular which makes up for the taste. Make your way down by 3pm and reach the waterfall by around 5.30pm

Spectacular views to the top



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