Chimmini Dam

Located 92km from kochi this is a beautiful picnic spot, which is free from tourists(or it was while we visited)

Open space for kids to run around, and free of tourists

Don’t expect the climate to be cool, as its not a hill station but the trees give us plenty of shade and there is a constant flow of wind passing through the area, one can also take a dip in the water as the water current is not strong. There was a boat taking a few tourists around the lake. Book in advance for the boat ride as we couldn’t get one when we enquired on the spot. There seems to be just one boat.

The lonely boat in the river

Unfortunately the roads leading to the Dam is not great, it’s not bad but it’s just ok not something that you expect from a place which is marked as a tourist spot. 25kms drive from the highway is unevenly tarred and gives us a bumpy experience, the only way out is keep your head up and admire the trees and scenic beauty of the wildlife reserve leading up to the dam.

Narrow unevenly tarred road to the Dam

Since it was only 92kms we started a bit late by around 7am and took us just 3hours even with a breakfast stop near Saravana Bhavan to reach there.

My advice – The best way to enjoy this spot is to carry a picnic basket and have an early lunch there under the trees, admiring the view and wind on your face. Try and get out of there before noon.

Plenty of shade and wind, Good place to have a packed Lunch and a dip in the water



Climate – Humid but a lot of wind and shade

Roads – 25kms from highway is just decent not great

Distance from kochi – 92kms

Best activity – Picnic

Shops near by – Just one tea shop in the spot for basic needs



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