Ride to Thekkady

Finally I got my new bike, been waiting for this moment for almost 2years, the first thing I did hours after I got it was to go on a bike trip.

I like to travel solo at my own pace, or with a close friend, enjoy the journey. Most group trips end up being all about speed, riding feats, and bikes instead of the journey.


The ride to Thekkady is around 140odd kms from Kochi, The roads are perfect, they are lot of curves which can be fun on a bike but I am guessing this journey would be tedious on car.


It took me around 4hrs with stops, views are breathtaking especially near Kuttikanam on route to thekkady.


There was one stretch where the roads were misty and literally empty, at first I thought google maps was playing tricks on me and sending me off track as it didn’t look like the main road. That particular stretch of road was narrow and also I was surprised to see mists as I wasn’t even close to the mountains, this was around 60kms before thekady.  I expected mists in thekady as it at higher altitude. So it was a welcome surprise. The condition of kerala roads have improved a lot, the particular stretch from pala is a joy for any motorist. (link)

Even though its middle of summer (April) with temperatures at 38degree in Kochi, kuttikanam was mild at around 21degree at around 9am

Temperatures are much better than Munnar or Vagamon during the same period.

The town of thekady is crowded with tourist going to tiger reserve forest. I didn’t want to take the touristy path so found a resturant with views of the forest and enjoyed the sunset.

The trip wasn’t tiring at all but I didn’t have enough sleep last night as I was excited about the new bike, so decided to take rest at Abad Green Forest resort which is a decent place with a good swimming pool.

On way back I decided to be a bit more adventurous and come via vagamon. I soon realized it was a good decision when I got pics like the below.


When I reached Vagamon I had a desire to go to Kodaikannal which was another hill station around 4.5hrs away, since it was my first day(actually hours) after getting a new bike I thought it would be best to get used to the bike before doing steep climbs to kodai


with a heavy heart I bid goodbye to hills promising to return again.




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